Thursday, 23 February 2012

So...? Frangrances Review

Hi Guys!

I don't know if anyone reading this remembers the So...? Diva programme by So Fragrances if you aren't familiar with So Diva's it was where you would write reviews about So and they would send you perfumes to review well my friend told me about this and I thought it sounded intresting so I contacted So asking if they still do this and sadly they said they didn't but I ended up talking to Lauren who works at So and by the way may I say So have one of the kindest customer services I know of the people who work at So are really kind and helpful!

I ended up receiving a sample of So Eternal Eau de Toilette and there Body Spray which I have purchased in the past and have loved! So Eternal is my favorite scent from So.

I was really excited to receive this and I will review the Body Spray later on and if you want to see my review on the So Eternal Perfume here is the link:

I just wanted to make this blog just to let you know how amazing So...? Frangrances with there perfume scents and there customer service. I would definitely recommend going to Superdrug or anyway that you know that sells so and testing or sampling them and see what you think and maybe buy some of there perfumes! :)



Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Review: So...? Eternal Perfume Review

Hi Guys!

Today I'm reviewing So Eternal! I absolutely love So...? Fragrances there definately my favorite perfume company.

I had the deodorant of this but I used it all because it was that nice :) lol! So I have So...? Kiss Me, So...? Wild and So...? Superstar and obviously So...? Eternal which I'm going to review.

Anyway, I got this from my friend as a Christmas present last year :). She got it from Boots but the prices I'm going to list are from the official So...? Website. The body fragrance is £2 for 75ml. 30ml EDT £6, 50ml EDT £10 and 100ml EDT £15. As you can So...? is really affordable which is one of the reasons why I love there brand. :)

One thing I love about So...? Eternal is that it has a sparkly pink crystal diamond inside of it which is a cute touch which they havent added in any other of there perfumes as far as I'm aware. It includes top notes of pink pepper, lemon and clementine middle notes of orchid, pink peony and violet and then base notes of amber, vanilla and sandalwood. But it mostly smells of bubblegum and sweets to me lol ;)

The scent lasts all day which is something that I love in a perfume. I smelt this and fell in love with it because I love this smell it's so nice and extremely very cheap. I think that this smells alot like Someday by Justin Bieber.

So thats the end of my review I would definitely recommend picking this up if you see it in stores!

Enjoy! x